Strawberry Allergy

Strawberry Allergy - symptoms, treatment, symptomatic therapyStrawberry is very essential and tasty summer fruit, which contains an unlimited amount of antioxidants that are useful to the human body, and vitamins A, E, B, H and PP. About 100 grams of strawberries provide the human daily requirement of vitamin C.

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Moreover, strawberry is rich in zinc, calcium, fiber, folic acid, fluorine, iron, phosphorus, chlorine, manganese, bromine, copper, sodium, potassium, and lots of other very fundamental and necessary minerals to the human body. The strawberries have such properties and useful elements, which do not have many citrus fruit, vegetables and berries as orange, grapefruit, raspberries, apples, tomatoes, melons, etc.

Strawberry is able to increase the appetite, it perfectly reacts and positively effects on the digestive system, refining the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

However, in contempt of all the advantages of this delicious fruit, strawberry is a hard allergen!

For a long time strawberry allergy remained a puzzle to scientists, and only recently the Swedish biochemists found particular allergenic protein similar to the protein existed in birch pollen. This protein gives strawberry a beautiful red color and causes the allergy.

Strawberry Allergy Symptoms

Allergic reactions to strawberries are fairly common among kids and adults equally. During ripening the strawberry accumulates a sufficient quantity of pollen inside, which is a big allergen to the human body. It may cause different symptoms:

  •  sneezing occurs;
  •  swelling and itching in the oral cavity;
  •  tingling in the throat;
  •  watering eyes;
  •  runny nose.

If an allergic reaction to strawberries actively progresses, more complicated symptoms arise:

  •  asthma attacks appear;
  •  redness of the skin, which causes very nasty itch;
  •  vomiting;
  •  diarrhea;
  •  convulsions;
  •  extremely high temperature.

The worst thing is that all of these manifestations can lead to anaphylactic shock, the body’s reactions to the allergen can be unpredictable: from insignificant cold to cessation of breathing, which is not safe and can cause very serious consequences.

Who Needs to Eat Strawberries With Caution?

The most essential principle is to learn how to eat a strawberry, because all the useful qualities possessed by this delicious berry may react against the human health and can cause quite a severe allergic reaction.

  •  People, who suffer from the diseases of the joints and stomach, gastritis, should decline eating strawberries.
  •  Those people, whose allergies are hereditary, should be careful while consuming the berry: there is a hazard to eat it in unlimited quantities. First they need to take a couple of berries and to test the reaction. If there is no allergy, they can eat strawberries in moderate amounts.
  •  The doctors advise do not to eat strawberries together with milk products since all of them serve as strong allergens which contain milk protein; this allergen is unsafe and often causes allergy attacks.
  •  Kids very often face the strawberry allergy. Parents should remember that this fruit is forbidden for children up to a year. And before giving it to a baby, it is vital to consult a pediatrician.
  •  Pregnant women need to eat the berries with a caution. The woman should exclude strawberries from the menu after 22 weeks because the immune system of the fetus is very sensitive and at birth may be diathesis.
  •  If an allergy appears, the parents should pay attention to the baby food because the mellow berry is included in yogurt, glazed curds, rolls, pastries and juices. Furthermore, it is not advised to buy skin-care with strawberry as its component.

Strawberry Allergy Treatment

The main way to deal with allergies will be the complete exclusion of strawberry, desserts containing it, and strawberry flavoring food from the ration.

Unfortunately, there are no other methods to hinder the growth of allergy symptoms today, as in most cases it is hereditary, it means that its root lies in the human genetic code, which is not modifiable.

Though, some people, who have allergic reactions to fresh berries, may use them after heat treatment: in the form of jams, compotes, filling in cakes, because under high temperature some of the “strawberry” substance-allergens are destroyed.

Only children can hope to escape from the illness: they very often “outgrow” their food allergies, but they need not to consume berries for at least a year, and after this period it is probable to give some strawberries to a kid. If any changes are noticed, the amount of them can be very gradually increased.

However, in cases where such trial has caused a runny nose, a rash or watery eyes, it is banned to eat strawberries until the child reaches 7-8 years. Generally, at this age, the immune system becomes sufficiently developed, and a new attempt to eat strawberries allows concluding about the presence of hypersensitivity to this product.

Symptomatic Therapy

In order to obviate the outer manifestations of the disease, the doctor may recommend following the hypoallergenic diet for a few weeks and taking antihistamines.

The choice of a particular medication depends on the symptoms, patient’s complaints and the presence of his/her chronic diseases. As a rule, the precedency is given to the medications of a new generation, for example, Aerius, Telfast, Aleron or Bikarfenu (if allergic rhinitis), as they have minimum side effects and do not influence the ability to manage the complex mechanisms, including cars.

In certain cases, the prescribing of drugs, such as Loratadine, and Suprastin are justified, although they have little sedative, hypnotic and cardiotoxic effects. In addition to antihistamines, a doctor prescribes a treatment to relieve the symptoms that the patient has, for example, bronchodilators during exacerbation of asthma or anti-allergic ointment for skin manifestations.

Actions in Case of Emergency

If the patient begins to feel discomfort in the mouth, notes the swelling of the face and mucous membranes, occurrence of hoarseness, the urgent actions should be taken.

In such cases the patient should be hospitalized immediately, it is risky to self-medicate, instead of consulting the allergist and strictly follow all his recommendations.

To conclude, the researches show that people, who strictly adhere to proper nutrition, take medicine for the curing of food allergy can get rid of the allergic sensitivity to most kinds of food.