Nickel Allergy

nickelNickel is a metal that accompanies every human. A person does not think about the fraction of nickel in jewelry, watches, belt buckles, rivets on trousers and jeans, and even in food! However, people, who are prone to nickel allergies, should be very cautious and careful about the choice of items and food.

Allergy Tests at Walk-In Lab

An engrossing detail is that statistics show that every tenth person in the world is allergic to the metal, and the reaction can be manifested in divergent ways.

The chief reason for the nickel allergy is a human genetic predisposition. Sometimes, hypersensitivity to nickel can provoke an allergic reaction. Allergies can come out after a long contiguity with the metal. Thus, no one is immune from the emergence of this allergy, as it occurs at any stage of life.

The diagnosis of this allergy implies provocative tests, which are always carried out by accomplished specialists, who take out a verdict about an allergic reaction, or its lack.

However, there are categories of people, who are likely to be astonished by this allergy more than all others:

  • These are people with lots of tattoos, because in the paint for tattoos nickel can be found;
  • People who adorn zones of their body with piercings;
  • People allergic to other metals or those, who are constantly in contact with metals.

In addition, it has been verified that the allergy in infants is much less prevalent than in adults.

Nickel Allergy Symptoms

Symptoms are shown in dissimilar areas of the human body.

Therefore, the skin is affected: redness, itching, a small rash and even small vesicles transpire.

In the gastrointestinal tract bloating, malaise and nausea may arise.

In the mouth, the redness of the gums, tongue and erosion emerge.

The indication of the allergy usually becomes visible on wrists, the neck, fingers, in other words in those zones, that are likely to interact with nickel. Sometimes the stomach may be infected. If nickel is contained in the food, then it is revealed in a form of a rash in the groin. It has been validated that eczema and sores expand on the skin.

Some scientists believe that this allergy is incurable, but it is achievable to eliminate the symptoms. Consensus on this issue has not been reached yet. The major role in the mitigating the symptoms play desensitizing medicines, antihistamines, and anti-inflammatory preparations. What is more, the person must stick to the immune-stimulating diet.

Nickel Allergy Treatment

In order to evade becoming an allergy sufferer, it is prescribed:

  • Sidestep things, household items that contain nickel;
  • Providing that zippers on bags, clothing, buckles on belts, contain nickel, process them with a nail varnish. Make sure that the nail polish doesn’t have nickel in its composition;
  • Stay away from cosmetics and decorative products encompassing nickel, especially mascara;
  • Try not to eat beans, fruit, root vegetables, cruciferous;
  • If dental crowns are needed, use titanium-ceramic teeth crowns.

So, even if the expression of the above symptoms has been detected, do not make hasty conclusions, since only a physician can make diagnose and prescribe the treatment, based on individual features. Nevertheless, an urgent advice is always relevant: monitor the lifestyle and nutrition, it will be valuable in case of preventing allergy symptoms.