Gold Allergy

goldGold has been always a precious metal, a sign of luxury, accomplishment and opulence. This exquisite metal is used not only in jewelry but also in the design of accessories, interior details. Moreover, gold is used even in cosmetics! However, there are people, who claim that gold is able to induce an allergic reaction.

Allergy Tests at Walk-In Lab

This article will help the reader to contemplate about it and make his own conclusions.

So, pure, high-quality gold cannot be an allergen, if a person is allergic to gold, probably it is an alloy. The thing is that some manufacturers append a small share of other metals to gold production, one of these metals is nickel, which can become the originator of an allergic reaction. Nickel adds strength to the jewel.

Furthermore, palladium can be used in the alloy, this item appends luster to white gold and it causes allergies.

Gold Allergy Symptoms

Foremost, what are the signals of the gold allergy?

  • The primary reason is the low quality of the product, which incorporates more alloys than pure gold;
  • The trivial cause is the inaccurate care for gold jewelry. For instance, people who take a bath, wash hands, do not remove gold products and clean them, thereby detergent particles remain in the product and eventually penetrate the skin. The repercussions of this process can lead to the allergic reaction;
  • Do not forget about the individual intolerance. But it is not about pure gold, it is about metals, found within the alloy: copper, nickel and zinc.

The diagnosis of the gold allergy implicates a complex analysis, oftentimes the successive sorts of analyzes are conducted:

  • The first method is the safest – an allergen is injected into the skin and the further reaction is inspected;
  • The second requires the investigation of antibodies in human blood;
  • The third approach presupposes the waiver of allergens for some time, which will help to monitor the reaction;
  • The most perilous technique is a provocative method. It must be carried out in the presence of a physician, as the person may need first aid.

Symptoms of the gold allergy manifest in the form of dermatitis: a rash covers varied zones of the body, there are red spots and the swelling, which sometimes can burn. The most notable symptom is itching and tingling, evinced locally.

The remedy by conventional means will be ineffective since this allergy is treated only in the complex. The benign allergy may be treated at home, although relentless repercussions such as burns and ulcers should be cured under the medical supervision. The specialist prescribes the needful treatment, in addition to it, antibiotics are written out, and an individual needs to take bioactive food supplements.

The prevention of the gold allergy suggests the following actions:

  • Do not buy low-quality products at an attractive price, usually, 70% of the composition make divergent metals;
  • Process finery with antiseptics periodically;
  • Try not to purchase yellow gold, as it has the lowest content of gold and the largest proportion of diverse metals.

Thus, the person should not limit himself completely from luxury to wear jewelry. The solution in this situation is to purchase high-quality products with the lowest alloy of other metals or another option may be to wear silver, which is completely hypoallergenic.