Cobalt Allergy

cobaltIn the contemporary world it is unattainable to imagine a person without metal products and goods, containing alloys of varied metals.

Allergy Tests at Walk-In Lab

Metals are parts of the household items, jewelry, construction materials for dentures. In most cases, the human body does not react to the metal, however, pathological symptoms in individuals occur. One of the most prevailing allergens is cobalt, the trace element is the part of vitamin B12, which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells in bone marrow. It is the constituent of various paints, decorative cosmetics, it is even implemented in the production of insulin.

Considering the makeup, it is obvious that cobalt is employed in the eye shadow, that it can trigger the expansion of contact dermatitis on eyelids.

What are the causes of allergies? They are standard not only for cobalt but also for other metals and they encompass:

  • A weakened immune system;
  • The constant contact with cobalt and its alloys;
  • In old age, people are exposed to allergies.

Therefore, the diagnosis presupposes tests with the activation of lymphocytes.

Cobalt Allergy Symptoms

As for symptoms of the allergy, they can be local, which are caused by the direct contact with a metal or an alloy. Moreover, its manifestations can be systemic, when an allergen penetrates the body while breathing. Furthermore, this allergen may be incorporated in the food. Hazardous products from this point of view are beans, liver and garlic.

Besides, local signs embrace:

  • Local itching and redness;
  • The emergence of pustules on the skin. They are very treacherous since if they burst, the inflicted zone of the skin is very vulnerable and can get infected, the contagion is distributed throughout the human organism;
  • Peeling of the skin;

Systematic indicators are a little bit diverse:

  • Eczema of hands is observed, it implies the rash, a burning sensation. This is a compulsory symptom for systematic signs;
  • The risk of the development of bronchial asthma exists.

Cobalt Allergy Treatment

So, the treatment of the cobalt allergy is predictable, it involves:

  • Termination of the contact with the allergen, the usage of local ointments of antihistamine action since they do not allow the subsequent development of symptoms;
  • The use of medicines, containing corticosteroids as they have an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Be aware that the organism should be strong inside, so strengthen the immune system, here a vitamin diet and walks in the open air will be auspicious.

It has been investigated that people, who are prone to the cobalt allergy, are aware of facts about the treatment, but information about prevention is still a mystery to them. Some tips for the avoidance of the allergy are submitted:

  • Limit the consumption of products with cobalt in the composition: milk, butter, eggs, buckwheat;
  • Choose carefully decorative cosmetics without cobalt;
  • Avoid nervous stress, fatigue and tension of the body as it is believed that many diseases, including allergies, arise from the unstable emotional state and physical stress.

Overall, medications can help in alleviating the symptoms of the allergy. In order to evade the relapse, the person must closely monitor what he eats, which goods uses in everyday life, what cosmetics purchases and what kind of a lifestyle leads.